Preschool & Pre-K


Preschool I – ages: 2 – 3 years
Preschool II/Pre-K – ages: 3 – 5 years

At Little Lambs, our Preschool I and Preschool II/Pre-K classes follow an educational approach that combines the teacher and child’s environment and interactions to encourages active participatory learning in which students have direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas.

Little Lambs’ Preschool I and Preschool II/Pre-K developmental guidelines include five dimensions of school readiness that are also identified by the National Education Goals Panel. The five dimensions are:

1. Approaches to learning
2. Language, Literacy, and Communication
3. Social and Emotional Development
4. Physical Development, Health and Well Being
5. Art and Sciences, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies and the Arts

Our Preschool I and Preschool II/Pre-K children and teachers work together to create fun, interesting and educational active learning experiences based on these guidelines and the students’ interests.

In addition to developing skills in the arts and physical movement, and a sense of self, our Preschool I and Preschool II/Pre-K children are taught self-help skills such as feeding themselves and potty training.

Our Preschool I and Preschool II/Pre-K teachers offer physical, emotional and intellectual support, and provide and organize the class’s daily experiences that act as a launch pad for creativity, self expression, and independent concrete thinking.

As in all our classrooms, our Preschool I and Preschool II/Pre-K teachers promote a safe, healthy learning environment by offering a variety of age-appropriate activities and experiences that promote creativity, communication, social skills, cognitive development, physical and emotional growth.

Parents are welcome to visit their child’s Preschool I or Preschool II/Pre-K classroom at anytime.